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We partner with policyholders and insurers for both residential and commercial disaster recovery projects. Over 10 years of experience working with insurance companies makes the claims process go smoothly.

Why Choose Us

1RG is a Disaster Response Company- It means we respond quickly and work to minimize further damage. Our commitment is to get your property back to its good days as soon as possible.
IICRC, EPA and NAMRI Certified Technicians

What it means to you?
Means we follow Industry standards and Insurance companies trust how we do it! means headache free recovery for you!

We are Insurance Gurus

What it means to you? Means we help you navigate the claims process to have a fair valuation and representation

#1 Customer Service

What it means to you?
Means we get it! its hard...and we are in it with you... if the damage is back, so do we!

Quality of Equipment

What it mean to you?
Means we got the latest and greatest equipment and technology to effectively remove water, dry out the property, and prevent mold!

Word of Mouth

What it means to you?
Means we get the biggest part of our business from happy after another refer us to a friend, a neighbor and a co-worker

Reasonable Price

Why no body talks about price?
cause its tricky...its different for everyone...but listen in...we use Insurance Blue Book Estimator...Means...we charge you what insurance will pay

Our Customer Say

A happy customer is the greatest marketing campaign! we hear it all day long

  • “They were very responsive and got to my property quickly.”
  • “They explained the process clearly and communicated throughout.”
  • “They worked with my insurance company to get my claim approved.”
  • “I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.”
I had a major water leak in my kitchen and called 1RG for help. Their team came on site under an hour and got to work immediately. They were able to remove the water quickly which was a relief. They were professional and easy to work with throughout the process.
Howard Chavez​
Home Owner
"I recently had to deal with a major water leak in one of my rental properties and was at a loss on what to do. That's when I called 1RG. Their emergency response team was on-site within an hour and immediately took control of the situation. They were able to quickly shut off the water source and remove all the standing water. They also set up fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the area with water. It was amazing to see how they were able to turn a disaster into a manageable situation. Their team was professional, efficient and very friendly. They were able to save most of my belongings and the repair work was completed quickly. hope you never get into a similar situation but if you do, call them. Their contact is a must have"
Lucas Elliot
Owner/Property Manager


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